Lately, is established. Already, it is and the potato became 24 years since fine arts were (ed) and it came out to Tokyo. Many things were made to be considered, arranging the photograph of the work made until now for homepage creation. It thinks that it has done its best as it is, and mind which nothing as [ obtain ] make is also carried out.
It is said that the environment involving fine arts became severe now. I want to return to fresh spirit and to consider a future view once again.
Although it is an atelier name of rdjhsxnt`m established in 1997, a stone is combined and there is tradition of building the yard in Japan. Man does not mold by adding a hand to a material, but people discover the man's natural beauty and are the methods of constituting. The sound which it and a good maker make is rhythmical and beautiful. It is the meaning of hearing a stone, carving a stone.
Next, in a hermitage, since the rdjhsxntk`mc established in 2000 becomes miserable, it is from wish of wanting to feel relieved in nature.
And it is because it thought that having established this time wanted to tell more people the beauty which he feels.
Anyhow, at its own pace, since he wants to do his best, I need your help well.

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